Get Your
Class A Tractor Trailer License

Class A CDL training consists of 40 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 100 hours of road and field maneuvers (combined). You'll receive 140 to 160 hours of truck driver training; preparing you for a truck driving career in the trucking industry.

All our testing is offered on-site!

Class A Truck Driver
Classroom Hours

Classroom hours for tractor trailer training consists of:

  • Orientation
  • Log book training
  • Hours of service
  • Basic control essentials
  • Proficiency development

Transporting cargo and hazardous materials is also covered. You'll learn how to handle vehicle fires as well as procedures in case of an accident, speed and space management and driving in extreme weather conditions.


Other coverages:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Trip planning
  • Proper backing techniques
  • Rules of conduct regarding drugs and alcohol
  • Driver qualifications/disqualifications
  • Federal motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Class A Truck Driver
Field Training

Truck driver field training consists of:

  • Vehicle pre-trip inspection
  • Air brake testing
  • Learning to alley dock the tractor trailer
  • Blind-side parallel parking
  • Sight-side parallel parking
  • Upshift and downshift the tractor trailer on private property

Once the student feels confident and the Tri-State inspector feels the student is handling the equipment properly, the student then moves out onto public roadways.

Tri-State CDL Training Center

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